Your tall blonde daughter has always been such a white trash brat!! She always wants money, or to use the car to see her trashy boyfriends. She thinks she’s hot but really, she just looks trashy… today you’ve got a secret weapon for her! You pull out your magic crystal that you swing in front of her eyes & she tries to resist it but it’s too strong. Her eyes go into a trance and you can tell from her glazed look that she’s now under your spell. You’re going to make her take off her slutty dress that you paid for so you can see your daughter naked in her pure white trash form. Then you make her zombiewalk back & forth. She’s moving very slowly, in the zombie-like state and almost slumber lumbering. You need the floor mopped too; something that you always remind her to do as part of her chores but she always forgets. Now she has NO CHOICE! She starts waking up again so you have to pull out the swinging crystal quickly, before she realizes what’s going on. Once she’s back in your control, you need her to squat in front of you with her tongue out while you jack off onto her pretty white trash face. Then you march her into the closet where she will remain until you need her again. It’s so much easier this way than having her going out & spending your hard earned money, at least she can finally be usefull! She’s wearing very high black & gold spike heels the entire time

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