Ludella Hahn – Ch00seYour0wnAdventure: Bimbo Ray 5000 Brainwashing

POV’s nerdy business woman girlfriend continues to shove off his advances saying they don’t need sex in their relationship. He is sick of it. He hasn’t even seen her naked yet. Luckily he had already ordered a special device called the “Bimbo Ray 5000” that is supposed to emit rays that turn your target into an airheaded sex-crazed bimbo, just in case she still wouldn’t put out.

He goes back into her room and hits her right between the eyes with the ray. Her eyes go blank and it seems like it worked, but then she gets a disgusted look on her face. “Like, why the hell am I wearing these hideous glasses? Ugh!” POV isn’t whether it worked or not since she is talking like a valley girl, so he asks her to have sex with him. She laughs, “Have sex with you? Hahaha! As if! Like I would ever have sex with you! Your penis is like 2 inches long!” She’s a major bitch. What the hell? The Bimbo Ray must have malfunctioned….

POV smacks it a couple of times and pulls the trigger again. Her face goes blank and she says she’s ready to be trained. She repeats mantras of your control over her and how she has no thoughts in her head but to please her Master. POV snaps his fingers and she breaks out of the trance. She’s become a full on bubbly BIMBO! It’s perfect. “All I want to do is please YOU, Master. Now, let’s pop these boobies out!” She unbuttons her blouse and pops out her big tits, let’s her hair down, and shows off her figure for Master. She takes off her blouse and skirt, but while she’s bouncing her big tits up and down she starts to break out of her bimbo state and back into the snobby valley girl. Quick! The Bimbo Ray!

Just as she’s starting to snobbily tell him off again he hits her with it multiple times to make sure it really works this time. She needs more training! When her eyes go wide and blank, POV has her put her arms out straight ahead like a zombie and walk around repeating “I am your bimbo slave, ready to be trained. I will obey.” When POV is satisfied, he snaps her back into the “best bimbo girlfriend ever.”

“That was SO WEIRD!,” She gushes. “For a minute there I had these angry thoughts, but that would be silly…I much rather have it feel like there’s nothing in my head but clouds and the desire to please you, Master!” She continues to strip FULLY NAKED gushing about how hot it makes her to obey. POV plays with her big tits before she resumes the slave position on the floor, ready for her Master.

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