Ludella Hahn - For Your Eyes Only - Bond Villains Legs Make You Weak

Ludella Hahn – For Your Eyes Only – Bond Villains Legs Make You Weak

In this clip, you are James Bond (shot POV), and you stumble upon a beautiful woman at a lounge. You think it’s just by chance, but she’s come to defeat you. You’re magnetically drawn to her by her beauty. That’s when she introduces herself. “Hello James Bond. I know who you are, and little do you know it yet, but I’m making you mine.” She tells you that she has special powers. She can render men weak with her beauty, and tonight she will use her legs to weaken you. You don’t believe her, but then she crosses her legs and you feel yourself stumble. How is that possible? You can’t look away. She tells you that every time she crosses her legs you’ll grow weaker and weaker, and when you’re weak enough, she’ll take you back to her lair to do what she will with you. With you out of the way and in her control, the world will be her playground. You can’t do anything to stop her. You just grow weaker and weaker as she teases you with her POWERFUL LEGS in shiny pantyhose. She rubs her thick curvy legs together, rendering you so weak that by the end she can pick you up off the ground (where you’ve ended up) and above her face. “You’re mine now, James. You can’t do anything to stop me.” The redheaded temptress smiles mischievously.


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