Ludella Hahn – I Dream of Bimbo – Bitchy Executive Wife Transformed into Bimbo Genie

Ludella Hahn is a bitchy executive wife who is a control freak, so when her husband (POV) purchases an exotic genie bottle at an antique store without asking her approval, she commands he bring it back immediately. When she leaves the room, he rubs the bottle to see if it will work, but it doesn’t, so he takes off the top and sets it on the table, settling on making it a vase. Suddenly out comes some smoke and a Rodney Dangerfield style genie pops out. After a couple of jokes, he grants the husband his wish to control his wife completely. The genie vanishes, but there’s a ring in his place with the power to control minds. Ludella comes out of her bedroom to discover that the bottle is still there and she’s angry that not only did he not return it, but now he has a silly ring. He waves it and with a flash she falls deep under its spell in a blank stare. He reprograms her thinking with mantras. She will be his obedient slave and do everything he commands. Her personality will be a BIMBO. He snaps and she wakes to her new personality. She tells her to let down her hair and to strip out of her clothes. She does a sexy striptease until she’s completely naked and swaying her curves. He tells her he has an outfit for her to wear in the other room, and she comes back out wearing a genie costume. He has her walk around the room with her hands in front in a ZOMBIE TRANCE repeating mantras of his control. Now he can really fulfill his fantasy of having an obedient bimbo wife after that further conditioning. He waves his hands to put her back in the bimbo state. He has her do a sexy exotic belly dance around the room. He has her fetch him a sandwich, and then he decides he’d like to see her BIG TITS, so he has her open her top and jiggle them for him. Then he plays with them and has her play with them. Finally he decides that he’s like a real genie with genie powers that can be used only for him, so he puts her back in a trance with the MAGIC RING and makes his wish. When he snaps her out of it, he wishes for a lot of cold hard cash so they can take the town. She does the folded arm genie head nod and a suitcase filled with cash appears. He tells his bubbly bimbo wife to meet him in the bedroom. He’s finally going to take what he wants. All of it.

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