Ludella Hahn – My Frozen Valentine

Brat girl Ludella is going out with a guy (POV) she met on a dating app on Valentine’s Day. “Thanks for coming over! So excited to see where you take me for our date… Most of the guys I’ve met have been total losers–not to put extra pressure on you or anything since it’s Valentine’s Day. Oh…a gift? Yay! What did you get me?” She reaches into the gift bag and her face goes from giddy to a frown when she pulls out a skimpy red lace teddy. “You got me LINGERIE for our first date? What the fuck are you thinking? Ew! You thought you’d get that far on our FIRST DATE? As if! That is totally not cool and you need to–” POV waves his hand and Ludella FREEZES instantly by magic. Now, he can do whatever he wants with her and she can’t object. She’s just a lifesize doll…HIS doll.

He pulls out her big tits and plays with them, putting her in poses and checking her out closely before pushing her down onto the couch. She falls stiffly with her legs sticking straigh out. He removes her heels, bending her legs up in a provocative position as he does. Her panties are exposed and he can look at her delicious legs from all angles. He stands her back up for more posing and to finish stripping her out of her dress. He turns her around and plays with her big but, slowly removing her black panties. When she’s fully nude, he decides to have a bit of fun putting this brat into place by UNFREEZING her to humiliate her. He snaps his fingers and she comes back to life, blinking as she comes to…then gasping and covering herself once she realizes she’s fully exposed…completely naked. “What did you do to me you pervert? How come I don’t remember? I’m calling the cops on you–” SNAP. She’s FROZEN again. She’s far too annoying to be allowed a voice…she’s much better this way…silent. He caresses his doll before posing her bent over the couch and pulling her big ass into him again and again.

When the scene reopens, the Ludella doll is wearing the lingerie she objected to, posed in doggy style with her tits out. POV has decorated her with red roses, tossing more onto her ass before slapping it around. He gropes her tits before opening her mouth wide and unbuckling his pants. Happy Valentine’s Day indeed.

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