Ludella Hahn - Robotos Mind Control Cowl

Chief O’Hara calls the Bat Cave for Batgirl to check out some suspicious activity in the warehouse district, but of course Roboto has already been expecting her, in fact, he was planning to use her for his evil scheme all along. While reporting back to the Chief, Batgurl is gassed. Before she can do anything to stop it, her eyes are rolling back in her head and she finds her face meeting the floor…out cold. Roboto transports her to his lab and begins stripping her out of her uniform after some pans of her limp body. Batgurl starts to wake up, but her strength is still gone from the gassing, and before she can stop him, Roboto has injected her with a sleeping agent, putting her into a more sedated and agreeable state for his procedure. He plans to use Batgirl as a weapon against Bat Man by making her into his own personal robot slave. He strips her out of everything but her mask. He wants to make her take that honor herself when she’s under his control. There are pans of her fully nude limp body on the table. Then he straps her to the table so she can’t escape when he begins altering her brain. Batgirl wakes to discover she’s completely naked and strapped to the table. She struggles against the straps, but she’s too weak and drowsy. She tries to fight it, but Roboto begins to reprogram her. When she awakes, she escapes the straps and is confused and humiliated to find herself fully naked in his lab. She tries to hide herself, but he’s watching her from a viewing window and begins to test his alterations by ordering her off the table. She’s getting spunky with him, telling him she will in no way expose herself by standing up, but as she’s telling him she won’t, her body does otherwise. She’s completely embarrassed and tries to cover herself, but he orders her to do more things, like touch her BIG TITS. “I will NOT do that!” She says, while groping herself. Gasp! “What the–how is that happening?” She’s starting to put it together, but no matter how hard she fights his orders, her body betrays her and does as he asks, from tasks like dancing sexily, shaking her butt, bending over the table and grabbing her buttcheeks, and even UNMASKING herself. She fights it hard, but her body obeys. He orders her to put on a special mind control cowl he has prepared for her. It is similar to her own, but this one is all black…like a symbol of the evil she will do while wearing it. “No! No….you won’t make me…” But her hands put the mask over her head, and when it’s in place there is a shift in her demeanor. Her face changes to a wide eyed mindless stare, awaiting her master’s orders. He tests her, by making her walk around with her hands in front like a zombie, repeating a mantra of her servitude and objective. When he is satisfied, he tells her that she will return to a normal state when he presses the button, but that she will still obey all orders that he commands to her brain….and that she is to destroy Bat Man and the Bat Cave. He presses the button, and her eyes shut robotically, reopening in a more human-like state. An evil smile creeps onto her face. “Yes, Master, I will Destroy Bat Man and the Bat Cave!” She laughs an evil laugh as she exits for her mission. Will Bat Girl be able to overcome Roboto’s Mind Control Cowl? Or will this be the end of Bat Man?

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