Ludella Hahn - She-Mask Transformation: Nerd to Babe

I’m so excited to be at my first high school party with all the cool ! I can’t believe I was able to get in! Normally I’d be at home reading my books right now. I hope someone will dance with me!”Shot POV, Ludella is a nerd girl in nerd glasses and frumpy clothes at her first high school party, but after rejection after rejection, one of the boys humiliates her in front of everyone. Feeling upset and embarrassed, she runs out of the room and tries to find her way out, but instead she finds herself in the library.I just want to get out! Where’s the exit? Oh…this is a great book collection!” Distracted by a book, she trips over a box on the floor and discovers a mask inside. “This is interesting. Hmmm…” She takes off her glasses to investigate it closer, but it suctions to her face. GASP! “I can’t get it off! It won’t come off! It’s glued to my face! I can’t breathe!” The mask dissolves, revealing a new woman. “I feel different.” Her old nerdy clothes are magically replaced by a sexy lingerie set. “I’m SMOKING HOT! I’m ready to let me wild side run free.” Now transformed into a BABE, Ludella returns to the party to give the boys a show. “So, boys, who wants to have some fun?”

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  • Markem 2 years ago

    so you can upload the video of new fetish (werewolf)

    • Fetishman 2 years ago

      no sorry currently we are so busy for re-posting videos

      • It really hurts to see so much stolen content. Real fans support the people who create these videos. Pirating and watching pirated videos kills our ability to make more. I can only keep making them if people keep buying them. We are not big production companies; we are single producers doing this all on our own, & you are taking the money out of our pockets making it impossible for us to make more. Shame on you. 🙁


  • muksi 1 year ago

    I would really want to watch this video but it does not work..why?