Ludella Hahn – Velma Scared Stiff: A Cosplay Fetish Parody

Velma wanted to get a head start finding a clue before the gang arrives. She’s going through the books in the library of a spooky old house in search for one that seems out of place. It’s a secret book with a hidden compartment that’s supposed to contain the clue she’s looking for. Once she spots it, she decides she can’t wait for the gang to arrive. She needs to see what’s inside now. BUT when she opens it, a ghostly spirit flies out and all around her before entering right through her before disappearing. Her internal contact with the ghost starts to have a strange effect on her. “What’s…going…on? It’s…like…I’m…moving…through…wet….cement…” She tries to move her body forward, but she’s slowly freezing. “It’s…getting…harder…and…harder…to…move… Jinkies…I’m…turning…into…a…statue…” Before she’s made any real progress at escape, her body completely hardens in place. She’s stiff as a statue, with her eyes staring blankly ahead like a glass eyed mannequin.

Out from behind a curtain comes the prime suspect in their case. POV had planted the trap to capture his new doll. He plays with her stiff limbs, posing her in different ways, and moving her head while her eyes continue staring blankly ahead. He gropes his new doll, lifting up her skirt to squeeze her big curvy bottom, then comes around to the front to play with her ample chest. He pulls off her sweater to play with her big tits in her bra and then he removes that too. He strips her completely naked, jiggling her big juicy ass once he pulls down her panties, making sure to enjoy posing her in different positions and viewing her from different angles…his new nerdy curvy Velma doll…only this one won’t be solving any mysteries…she’ll stare quietly while he does everything he wants with her. He has plenty of time before the rest of the gang arrives. He pushes Velma down onto her knees and then into doggy style, slapping her big ass. Yes, he’s going to have a lot of fun with his new doll… Maybe he’ll even make one of Daphne when she arrives…

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