Mcstashhouse – Deleted 2 – Emily’s Story

Emily visits Sandra’s immigration lawyer to find out what happened to her roommate, and the same thing happens to her. The master sends her to the deletion chamber, where her mind is (you guessed it) deleted through smell, sight and touch. As his new slave, she will now do whatever he commands, including doing Sandra.

Being a kind master, he gives them a plate full of pastries, and orders them to eat their fill. As long as they eat them off each other. Later, after having sold Sandra to a “client,” he feeds Emily the pastry in his pants. It looks like a big, cream-filled cannoli. But before it squirts its cream all over Emily’s tits, it fills her pussy and ass. I’m sure she is satisfied even if she remains entranced and emotionless.

Sultry brunette Alina Henessy makes her first of three classic appearances. Check out the links to the others below.

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