Mcstashhouse – POV 4: MCTV

Back working for the Dork Squad (See the appropriately titled The Dork Squad) Steve installs a widescreen TV with a very special feature for a new Asian customer. Pretending to go out back to check a connection, he uses the remote to activate MC mode. It erases the beauty’s mind and also programs her to “OBEY.” We don’t have to tell you what happens next, buuuut we will anyway.

Steve commands his new slave to take her top off and play with her tits. What’s good for the top is good for the bottom, and he orders her to take her jeans off and play with her pussy. Being so turned on, he skips foreplay and just does her from behind right then and there on the sofa. After, she is compelled to suck the pussy juice off his dick before riding him one last time. The big finish: a big lollipop followed by a big load.

Exotic Jade Hsu is stunning as Steve’s latest hapless subject.

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