Meana Wolf – Virginia’s Training

I’ve been developing my powers of persuasion over the last few months; studying NLP, Binaural sounds, Spirals, and of course traditional -s-i-s. I suppose I should be more focussed on my college courses but…well…I guess I’m just restless. and then there’s Virginia. Something about her just drives me nuts. She’s so innocent and sweet…maybe a bit naive and judgmental but…I don’t know why I just want to ruin her prudish attitude…I just want her to be a dirty slut. I just want to smell her cunt…wow where did that come from? haha well I guess it is college and it is a time to experiment. I didn’t really plan on using my skills on Virginia tonight, but it sort of just happened. I giggled when she fell into trance. She’s such a strong willed girl so I was surprised by how easily she succumbed to my voice and how deep she went. Unable to resist my commands I started slowly on her…making her undress. Her pink panties and bra look so dainty and innocent, like a doll or a little toy for me to play with. She’s so relaxed and deep in her trance that I easily make her start masturbating for me…and I can’t help but join in. But then my inner sadist comes fourth as I program her to believe she is a dirty little whore. Not only that but she is a dirty little whore who needs to get fucked right now. I make her visualize a giant throbbing cock between my legs and I fuck that little slut until she cums; that little slut who is now in this moment so very different from the Virginia I knew…If only she could always be this slutty forever…Well there will be some lasting effects from this trip into Virginia’s subconscious, but she will have no memory of how I took advantage of her weakened mental state. Lucky for me I can now control her whenever I want.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Virginia is taken into trance via spirals. Virginia is taken further and further into sleep allowing me to take control of her subconscious. Virginia is active in her -s-i-s as she easily follows my commands. She happily masturbates for me unaware of her true surroundings. She is programmed to shed her old personality become my little bimbo whore who wants nothing but to fuck and suck the first cock that she sees.

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