Mind Under Master – Amara Romani & Cassidy Kay – House Sitter (Parts 1 and 2)

Amara’s on her knees begging her to pleasure her master’s cock. “I wasn’t always like this, on my knees begging to suck my master’s cock.”

She explains that it all began when her neighbor asked her to watch his place while he’s away on business. When his TV mysteriously turned on Amara couldn’t look away. She lost all sense of time as she played with her pussy, just staring into the signal. Then she heard a voice…and saw someone. “Who are you?” she asks. “I’m you. I’m what you’ve always wanted to be” replies the figure. It’s her dressed up like a slut, wearing a collar. “You’re what I’ve always wanted to be” repeats Amara.

Her alter ego, explains everything. Amara just wants to be a fucktoy. She needs a master. She’s nothing without her master. “Beg and master will let you cum” the alter ego says. “Please master, please let me serveyou. Please let me worship you. I’m so wet. I need you. I love you. I only want to please you. I’m your whore, use me however you want. Anything master… I’ll do anything for you. I’ll be anything for you…” But it’s the last time she’ll cum for the rest of the week.

She watches the signal repeating “I am a fuckdoll. I am a sex slave. I need you. I worship you.” but the signal wouldn’t let her cum, clicking off just before she could climax.

Once her neighbor returns she crawls to him begging to serve him. She licks his boots as she undresses him. She begs to wash in him with her body, to wash his cock with her mouth everyday. “Please master let me be your littlefuckdoll / let me serve you…let me worship you / Anything master / I’ll cook and clean, I’ll bathe you if that’s what you want…would you like that master? Having your slave washing every inch of you with my body”

She begs to have his cock inside her and he pulls her onto of him by her collar. She rides him, thanking him for letting her be his slave. “I need you cock everyday master I pleasure your cock everyday master”

She beg for his cum while stroking him. Tears welling up as she gets more and more desperate to make him cum. “I need you master. I worship you. I worship you” she repeats until he shots his load.

PART 2: Amara’s completely under the control of her new master and she’s begun recruiting new fucktoys for him. She lures Cassidy over claiming she needs her urgently, but before Cassidy figures out what’s going on it’s too late. She tries to resist the signal but with Amara’s fingers pleasuring her pussy it’s just too much. “It makes you wet” Amara whispers in her ear.

“I’m not…” Cassidy says trying to deny the truth.

“Of course you are, here…taste” Amara says before putting her pussy juice soaked fingers in Cassidy’s mouth. She then begins to program her friend, telling her to repeat the mantra and become master’s slave. Once she’s fully reprogramed Amara dresses Cassidy up for master’s pleasure as the two of them get on their knees and begin to worship his cock.

They thank him for letting them be his fucktoys, his cum sluts. They declare their devotion to him as they beg like good submissive girls to keep pleasuring him until he cums. They get more and more desperate to make him happy, to make him cum as they spit and stroke his cock until he finally fills up Amara’s mouth for being such a good slave.

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