Mind Under Master – Amilia Onyx – Trance Therapy

Amilia and her boyfriend Chad want to quit smoking and have decided to give trance therapy a try, but once Amilia is under the good doctor wakes Chad for the real reason he brought her in. She has these great tits but she never titfucks Chad and its all he’s ever really wanted.

The doctor begins ti implant idea into Amilia’s mind to curb her craving for cigarettes. She just wants to hold something in her hand, she should try Chad’s cock. As she stroke him, getting him closer and closer to climax the doctor stops her, it’s not enough to have something in her hand, she needs it between her tits.

Chad sits in the doctor’s chair as Amilia crawls to him. She sucks him off first but then wraps her glorious tits around his hard cock and begs. She calls him master as she bounces up and down, milking his cock until he explodes all over her tits. Their relationship is going to last a long, long time.

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