Mind Under Master – Ashly Anderson – Trance Therapy

Session 1: Ashly is a good christian girl who needs help fighting temptation while at college. The good doctor knows just what to do. He puts her in a trance and slowly finds just what the real issue is, Ashly needs a safe space and his office could be just such a place. He offers to let her release all her temptations while she in session with him. She takes off her top and plays with her tits as she slips her hand into her shorts. It feels so good to finally give in and knowing that the doctor is watching makes it all the more exciting. As she builds closer and closer to a climax, he stops her —

Session 2: Ashly is so excited for this session she wear a tight dress and no panties. The good doctor has her lay down and look into his trance light as she drifts off completely under his control. She starts playing with herself again, but can’t seem to cum. The doctor explains that he’s the only one who can make her cum. She begs for his helps and he teases her big fake tits while she plays with her pussy. She builds and build this time finally cumming from the doctor’s touch. —

Session 3: The doctor wastes no time and starts the session with Ashly on her knees. She begs to pleasure him as much as he pleasured her. She sucks his cock and titfucks him as she begs. She promises to be a good girl for him, she needs this, she needs to make him feel good, she needs to make him cum…its the only way she can resist temptation at school.

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