Mind Under Master – Dani Jensen – Trance Therapy

Dani has just recently gotten engaged but she’s starting to get cold feet and hopes that the good doctor can help calm her nerves.After taking one look at her body he wastes no time putting her into a trance. Once in the trace she confesses that her fiancee doesn’t know she’s here, so the doctor begins to reprogram her mind. Soon she’s stripping down to her sexy underwear and showing off her perfect fake tits. She plays with her body and beg for the doctor to make her cum.He counts down as she gets closer and closer to climaxing, snapping his fingers and waking her.

She falls to her knees and start to worship his cock. She thanks him for the honor of sucking him off as she spits and deep throats his cock. He takes his time as he continues to reinforce her new programming. She loves him. She needs him. She worships him. He is her master and she is his little sex slave. He has her take off his shoes and pants before telling her that after this session she’ll call off the wedding, gather her things and move in with him. She’ll be his personal maid. She’ll bathe him with her body each morning and then suck his cock while he enjoys the breakfast she prepared for him. She’ll do anything to make him happy anything to please him. She’ll start going to stripclubs to find more sex slave for him to enjoy.

He puts her in front of the light as he pushes his cock into her tight pussy fucking her from behind as he continues to program her. She begs and moans and professes her devotion to him and ONLY him. No one else will ever have her holes again. She’ll give them to him everyday, every week, every year until she dies. He owns her. She gets on her knees once more and puts his cock between her tits. She titfucks him as she looks up into his eyes begging for his cum. She needs it so badly. She needs to know she’s made him happy. “All that matters is your pleasure” she repeats over and over again until he cums all over her perfect fake tits.

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