Mind Under Master – Jojo Kiss – Coma Care

Jojo Kiss is hired to replace the former nurse for the famous magician, Holden the Magnificent. It seems the the previous Nurse Jericha Jem was taking advantage of the him sexually while he in his coma. She promises to take good care of him because she’s “better than the last nurse”. Everything seems normal, his eye dilate. He seems to be in good physical conditions. As she continues to examine him she breaths in deeply “I don’t know what they’re using for your sponge baths but you smell amazing” she confesses. Jojo must admit, there is something about him. It’s like he’s staring into her soul even though he’s in a coma. “I’m sorry sir” she says as she realizes her hand is on his hardening cock. She tries to shake it off but before she realizes what’s happening she kissing him. “Did you moan sir?” she asks and kisses him again, this time she feels him kiss back. “That’s it sir kiss me” she begs and mounts him. The other nurse wasn’t crazy, she was trying to wake him up! Jojo grinds on him begging for him to wake, but realizes someone might come in. “I’ll come back tonight” she whispers. —- That night she’s very excited to see him. “I have a surprise for you” she confesses and strips out of her nursing scrubs revealing a sexy little schoolgirl outfit. She climbs up his body and takes out his cock. “I’m going to wake you up sir. I’ll do whatever is takes to wake you up” She’s a very devoted nurse. She sucks, spits and begs for him to wake. “I’m so much better than the last nurse,” she says “I’m going to please you until you wake up. I’ll come back day after day. I’ll bring in other nurse who will help me wake you.” She’ll do whatever it takes. She’ll stroke him and beg until he finally fills her mouth with his cum. She spits it out into her hand to show him and then licks it back up. “I’ll come back with some of my nurse friends tomorrow. We’ll wake you up sir.

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