Mind Under Master – Lexi Lore – House Sitter

Lexi’s neighbor needs someone to watch his place while he’s gone and she could use the extra money before her college classes begin. But this neighbor isn’t leaving town, he’s not even leaving his home. He watches Lexi from hidden spy cameras before he starts playing a subtle signal that subconsciously tell her its getting warm. Soon she’s stripping out of her clothing and showing off her perfect tits with pierced nipples. He sends another signal to make her feel very tired.

He comes out and examines her body, checking her pulse, looking at her braces and of course feeling those perky tits. He begins the final phase and starts implanting thoughts and desires into her mind. She repeats them all back to him, “I find you attractive” “My purpose in life is to bring you pleasure”, etc. She calls him daddy as she kisses him and gives him a hand job right there on the sofa. She begs her daddy for his cum as she looks up at him with her big beautiful eyes, her braces sparkling in the light. After she makes him cum he logs that she is “highly susceptible to suggestion” and takes her to the bed room.

He flips up her dress as she repeats her programming while he fucks her [simulated sex]. Then he lays back and lets her blow him, she teases him with her braces talking dirty about how innocent they make her look. She spits and cry as she sucks him off, begging until he cum in her mouth

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