Mind Under Master – Samantha Hayes & Tana Lea – Down with the Sickness (Part2)

Part 2

Samantha lays in bed playing with her pussy and sucking her fingers hoping to get just a little taste of Chad. “What’s wrong with me?” she says to herself as she gyrates hopelessly with need. “I need more” she repeats as the withdrawal starts to set in. She crawls into Chad and Tana’s room, quietly sneaking up to his fingers, “Just a little lick” she whispers to herself. Tana lays next to him as Samantha sucks and reaches for Chad’s cock. She takes him in her mouth and gets her fix.

Chad wakes up and looks over, “stop” he whispers, but Samantha can’t. “I’m sorry. I need it” she whispers and continues to milk his cock. Chad gives and start playing with her ass when Tana rolls over and spoons up next to him. Samantha hides, but with Chad’s fingers dangling off the bed she can’t help but lick at them. Meanwhile Tana kisses at Chads neck more and more aggressively. “Why do you taste so good?” she asks excited to fuck her man, but when she reaches for his cock…”Why is you dick wet?”

“I can explain” Samantha says. “You can explain why you’re sucking my boyfriend dick while I’m [–] next to him?” Samantha nods and picks up Chad’s hand, “I know you can feel it. The need to taste him, there’s something about his illness that’s making us addicted to him. I’m so sorry, but I need it” she says before sucking on his fingers again. “Taste him with me, please”

Tana can’t help herself and soon she’s joining her friend. Samantha offers Chad’s cock to Tana and kisses up his body to whisper in his ear. She thanks him for letting her taste him. She promises to be a good girl and share him. Tana can’t believe how good Chad tastes, but she need to drink down his cum. “Please cum for me” she begs as she goes faster and faster until he blows his load. It spills out past her lips and Samantha joins her to get a taste. “I think that once his illness passes, we won’t be addicted to him anymore.”

“How long will that take?” Tana asks.

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