Entrancement UK – Samantha IV (Part2)

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In Part Two, the sexyness really takes off, with Sammie being tickled and then aroused by the laser pointer at Rich’s disposal. Later she becomes a door-to-door sex-doll saleswoman casually selling rob...

Hypnolust – Casey Cumz Clip Thirteen

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I want you to use me master Casey, our sexy yet unlucky stripper, wakes up and now she has only one desire and that is to dance, strip and entice her master with her beautiful young body. I cannot d...

Primals FANTASIES – Master Coach – Soccer Team Try Outs

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Coach brings each girl into his office one at a time and puts them in a trance. Each go though various training while under trance. Training includes orgasm torture with magic wand, blowjob and fucking...

Hypnovideo – valerie

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Directly from vintage hypnovideo.com with Paul Knight The girl is stripped naked,posed, made feel several orgasms and much more

Ludella Hahn – The Cat’s Batty Burglar: Batgirl Brainwashed to be Bad (Nude Bonus Edition)

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The "Marconi Diamond" has just been put on display at the Gotham City Museum, and when Cat Woman (played by Monica Jade) hears the news, she decides to pounce. She's had her eye on that diamond for a l...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Raven Hypnotized

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Raven has broken her garbage disposal and has called maintenance over to fix it, but he is more interested in fixing her instead. For starters, he wants to get rid of her personality and turn her into ...

Entrancement UK – Samantha IV (Part1)

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This was our fourth time working with Samantha. We’d previously filmed a solo shoot with her a few years back, as well as a couple of shoots with her friend Jojo. This time round, she was looking more ...

Hypnolust – Casey Cumz Clip Twelve

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Here Kitty, kitty here... Casey, our beautiful stripper, wakes up from her last, let's call it, adventure without really knowing what just happened. Needless to say, she is quite confused when I men...

Primal Fetish – Roommate Adrian Trained to Serve

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My roommate Adrian acts like she is sweet and innocent, but she knows how she looks in the tiny little clothes she wears. She acts like I am harmless. I have recently learned how to change how she thin...

Sexed Up Superheroines – 23 – Love Potion 69

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The Cuntress infiltrates the lair of the nefarious Ra'iz A Tuhl, bent on arresting him. But after receiving a dose of his Love Potion 69, she falls instantly, madly, submissively in love with him. Afte...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Hypnosis Fun

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Julia has responded to an ad posted online looking for a subject willing to be hypnotized for cash. She shows up, eager to be tranced and earn a few extra bucks. Turns out that she's very capable of go...

Entracement UK – Cate & Honey (Part 2)

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Fantasies by primal – Training the Yoga Instructor

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Rose is one of the advanced instructors at the Yoga Studio. She hasn't really given new instructor Mitchell the time of day. He strikes up conversation and explains that although he is not as advanced ...

Hypnolust – Casey Cumz Clip Eleven

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My reluctant Mannequin Casey believes to be a strip dancer who stops by my clothing store to shop for a new costume. I guess I have to explain to her that this is not a clothing store and that the s...

Hypnopimp – Bonnie Apricot (Part2)

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Bonnie Apricot was referred to me by a photographer friend... she's a still model, but wanted to try my programming session. So I took her on board, and this is a collection of all the clips we did in ...

XTime – Francesca DiCaprio – The Psychologist and the Black man – Lo psicologo e l’uomo nero

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This hot young girl has got a problem : she can't rest well, 'cause she always has nightmares and strange dreams. During the last dream she met a black stud who tries to have sex with her. Her doctor w...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Delilah Deeply Hypnotized

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Our next unsuspecting hypno victim is busty Delilah. She was found minding her own business at the park when approached with a swinging pocket watch. At first she was a tad resistant, but her beautiful...

Entracement UK – Cate & Honey (Part 1)

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From Entrancment UK comes this sexy video starring Cate (the voluptious brown haired beauty) and the lovely Honey (the seductive black haired woman). Watch as they are drawn into a deep trance and ma...

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