Girls Gone Hypnotized – Khloe – Making a Sex-Bot 2

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Khloe is the latest victim in a "Sex-bot Conversion Program" where young, helpless women are picked-up off of the street and are reprogrammed into obedient, little robots who's only purpose...

RoboPimp – Red Orgasms – candice marie

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Red trigger word for instant orgasms

Ludella Hahn – Replacing Sleeper Bot Ludella Hahn

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Ludella and Sarah are friends who just enjoyed lunch together in a boutique shopping plaza. They are overly girly and gossiping, but when Ludella excuses herself to use the restroom, Sarah gets a...

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Melissa Moore – Wonder Girl – Broken Will

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Wonder Woman is recovering from injuries of an epic battle. She has entrusted her power items to her protege Wonder Girl. The young superheroine is determined to be worthy of WW's faith and sets ...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Built for Pleasure 2

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Erin's boss has sent her to Relaxix Resort to see if it is a suitable place to have their company retreat this year. Upon arrival, Erin is impressed with how well maintained and clean the rooms a...

RoboPimp – alexis – Red Orgasms

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HypnoLust – Natalie Monroe Clip 10

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Primals FANTASIES – Alexis Monroe – Product Research

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Alexis Monroe under magic control do what man tel her to do first masturbathing then jacking him then sucking and last fucking Category: FEMALE TRAINING Related Categories: MENTAL DOMIN...

Erotic Transformations – Anny Aurora – AUTO EROTIC FIXATION

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POVSteve™ has finally, finally made it to Slovakia. But he is still several hundred kilometers away from the city where his prison penpal fianceé lives. Tired of running, he decides to put his ...

Entrancement UK – Ziva Knight Entranced

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An unexpectedly awesome shoot with a real life ladyfriend who wanted to see for herself if she'd be a good subject for my style of training. So was she any good? In short... Yep! In long!? Yess...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Pleasure Unit 736

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Rebecca knows her boyfriend was turned on by a certain brainwashing scene in a movie they were watching the other night, so she decides to surprise him by role playing out the scene. Little did R...

Primal’s Fantasies – Divine Drops 2

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A drop of this on your pecker and she'll be overcome with an immediate devotion to your cock! She'll take your load and she'll thank you for it! Michael Masters meets disinterested woman after d...

HypnoLust – Natalie Monroe Clip 9

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Horny sluts like me give BJ to... The training for our formerly disobedient young secretary continues and now she learns to enjoy having lost all control over her muscles while being forced to o...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Lucy Entranced By The Music

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Lucy is put under a spell by hypnotic music from a magic flute. As her boyfriend plays the special melody, Lucy's eyes cross and roll as she falls completely under his power, unable to resist his...

RoboPimp – Chloe parker – Red Orgasms

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only the "Red" trigger word for instant orgasms

Beautiful Mannequin Wife – Doll Fucking Guy’s Daydream Sex – Misa Arisawa

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A very interesting video to say the least. Some clothing company just got this amazingly realistic mannequin. The male employees fiddle with her and finger her and cum to the general consensus th...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Three for the Price of One

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Victoria is an experienced model who has brought along two of her friends, Aimee and Lily, to a photoshoot in hopes of getting them into the modeling world. The photographer planned on hypnotizin...

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