Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Power Star’s Mental Domination

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The diabolical Nafar has found a way to turn Power Star's own strengths against her. She gets mentally forced to give a blowjob

Entrancement uk – Carla & Shelby – Part 1

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A pretty good shoot with two foxy ladies. Shelby was very quick to slip under, and responded fantastically to the majority of suggestions that we gave her, Carla got the giggles from time to time, thou...

Angel The Dreamgirl – First Training My Secretary

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After that, my boss wrote to me in the chat. "I'll call in a few days and then we'll get that hotel room." "No fucking way, you bastard. I'm never letting you touch me." I'll come to a meeting that wou...

Hypnosis Fetish – Synthia (Clip Twenty)

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Now I introduce her to the flogger of extreme horniness. At one point, she puts her ass out to be flogged in a very sexy manner, so I decide to bend her over. She has trouble staying in position, so I ...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Victoria and Selena’s Hypnosis Session

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This is not a fantasy, story-based video. The hypnosis in this video is real. This is Victoria's fifth time being hypnotized, and Selena's second. The entire session was captured from two separate came...

Hypnolust – Jen Capone 1st Visit(clip4)

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I was born to be your slave Intense eye rolling and complete surrender I can feel how much Jen wants to show me what a good little girl she is and how much she wants to serve me. It is amazing wh...

Primal Fetish – Ravaged by a Lustful Spirit – Callie Calypso

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Scene 1: Ghost setup and Charity Event A Caption reads At the Old Abandoned Mental Hospital in Larchwood something roams the halls. A sexual maniac that died within these walls still lusting for wom...

Entrancement UK – Louise Skye

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This was a fantastic and hilarious shoot. Louise Skye was a great subject, fantastic girl, very chatty and lively and a pleasure to work with. She responded so well to some of the suggestions that I...

FamilyTherapy – Anastasia Knight – Brother & Sister Play a New Game

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Starring Anastasia Knight & a REAL creampie from her brother Home alone and bored on a rainy day, a brother and little sister try something new....

Hypnosis Fetish – Synthia(Clip Nineteen)

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I introduce her to my flogger of extreme ticklishness. She complains that it tickles, so I turn her in to a mannequin and then continue using it on her.

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Kiara Controlled

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The nature of the mind control in this video is through "force powers". There is no hypnosis through eye fixation. Kiara falls under the spell of a thief using magic powers to commit his crimes. Wit...

Primal Fetish – Jillian Janson, Avi Love, Violet October & Alex Coal – Halloween Project Funding

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Jessica's father is sick of her bratty behavior. He tells her over the phone that she's staying at her mom's house, and he doesn't care that it's Halloween and she made plans already. Knowing her slutt...

Unfair Situations – Sierra Hypnotized and Groped by Her Brother

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Sierra is watching cartoons when her brother walks into the room and sits down next to her. He asks if he can feel her tits. Of course not! Sierra is shocked and disgusted that her own brother would as...

Velvets Fantasies – Very Merry Knockouts PART 5

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Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Remi, Serena Voxx, Heather West, Candle Boxxx, Sumiko, Avery, Sleeperkid and Photognome as Santa! We fade in on the brat we love to hate as he wakes up on Christmas mor...

Hypnolust – Jen Capone 1st Visit(clip3)

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Mindlessly follow and obey First use of mantras and mind removal The first orgasm in the session is always the most exciting one for me. Now that we got that out of the way (see clip two) it is t...

Mind Under Master – As You Wish with Hannah Hays

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Hannah couldn’t stand her stepdad. He was always trying to win her over with stupid gifts, so when he gave her a meditation lamp for her eighteenth birthday she just rolled her eyes. image He told her ...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Lily and Kiara Robotized

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Lily's brother has been designing a mind control helmet, and he plans to test it on their friend Kiara. Curiosity gets the better of Lily though, and she puts it on her head after her brother steps out...

Hypnosis Fetish – Synthia (Clip Eighteen)

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I turn her in to a mannequin while she is in a state resembling normal consciousness. I then enjoy posing her for a while. I ask her a few questions while I play with her, and also trigger a few orgasms.

Primal Fetish – Nickey Huntsman – The Dollmaker

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Nickey answers and ad to be "made into a doll." She shows up expecting to model for a dollmaker, maybe pose for some pictures. The man seems odd but harmless, and she sips a cup of delicious tea he giv...

HypnoDoc – Katharina

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This one features two girls that engage in sex with each other. Kissing and touching each other getting very horny, licking their pussy's and rubbing their boob together