Povtranz4mation – Playing Doctor – Candee Licious and Baby Jewel

POVSteve™ abruptly awakens to find himself in a bleak hospital room. But the last thing
he remembers is tying himself to the bottom of a train car bound for Slovakia, and the loving
arms of his prison penpal fianceé. There must have been a derailment he surmises.

Meanwhile his sexy, German doctor explains to her cute nurse, that their current patient is
a dangerous international sex-fugitive, who must be chemically castrated immediately.

Fortunately for POVSteve™ he is able to snatch the syringe from nursey before she can neuter
him. He sticks her with it instead, then throws it with dart-like precision at the doctor.

So instead of chemically castrating him, they become mentally castrated.

That’s when the patient starts giving the doctor orders. First, to examine her nurse.

Then to remove her clothes and be examined herself…

…with a tongue, and also with a tongue depressor.

Then the patient prescribes some invasive surgery with his skin scalpel.

Followed by a hefty helping of man medicine to be ingested orally.

Beautiful newcomers Candee Licious and Baby Jewel are magnificiently mindless.

Running Time: 45 minutes plus BTS and outtakes

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