Two scenes in which an employee shows his bitchy boss a rather special necklace.

First Scene:
The employee comes in to his bitchy boss’s office and uses his necklace to hypnotize her. Once she is under he makes her call him “master”, and implants the triggers “sleep” and “trance”. She is woken up and immediately gets on his case about finishing the latest project. He agrees to finish the project if she sucks his dick, and her outraged reply is cut short by his “trance” command. Having been triggered, she sinks to her knees to give him a long and sensual blowjob (much like the one that got her her job in the first place). He has her remove her top, then cums straight into her bitchy mouth. She is forced to give him the rest of the day off, and completes the project herself with cum dripping down her face.

Second Scene:
The employee’s boss is chewing him out over some reports that she didn’t give him enough time to do. In order to make up for his so-called shortcomings, he shows her the necklace her to make up for it. As he holds it in front of her eyes, she is slowly induced into a trance and ordered to call him “master”. While in a trance, the employee gets her to admit that she doesn’t know what she’s doing, and only got her job because she sucked the boss’s dick. She is briefly woken up so that the employee can accuse her to her face, and interrupt her response by making her blow him via his hypnotic power. She gives him sexy, entranced head while repeating “I am a stupid, cock sucking slut”. He blows his load inside her talented mouth, and reprograms her while jizz leaks down her face. He is the boss now.

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  • eifjbty ghfuvy 3 years ago

    Can you add the new headmaster two by primal? Plz?