Primal Fetish – Nadya Nabakova – Supergirl Taken by the Ravisher

Supergirl is not at all afraid of Max Magnus. The cocky superheroine has dealt the evil mastermind one crushing defeat after another. This time though Max is taken on a new identity. The Ravisher. With his anti-matter powered belt and helmet he makes short work of Supergirl and when she wakes she is fully weakened and strapped down securely.
First Ravisher taunts Supergirl then, he uses the fuck machine to break her down, forcing her to orgasm. She doesn’t given in easily and it takes some time until she begins to tremble and scream.
But Ravisher isn’t going to simply force her to cum, he switches techniques, almost bringing her to climax, just to slow the machine down or totally stop it. SG begins losing control until she is begging for the release of a huge orgasm
SG is now submissive to Ravisher’s lust and he takes her like a common slut in the bedroom, and she thanks him for it.

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