Primal Fetish – Supergirl – Teenage Superheroine First Time Exposure to Pink Kryptonite

Part One – Young Supergirl is investigating a mining operation by Lionel Luther. She has been given information that there is radioactive material in the secret sections of the mine and she is determined to due what her mighty cousin Superman has never done, bring down Lionel Luther. Unfortunately Supergirl didn’t even know Pink Kryptonite existed and she doesn’t understand the feelings slowly over taking her, by the time Lionel reveals the terrible truth she is too powerfully effected to escape. Lionel has her make herself cum over and over using a small powerful sonic mining drill on her clit, the vibrations powerful enough to make even a Kryptonian scream and squirm. When Lionel finally takes his cock out Supergirl is drooling for it. Finally as she kneels there, mouth dripping the villain’s cum he tells her he is going to fuck her but stops as he gets the message that Superman is on the way. Lionel can’t be sure what effect the Pink Kryptonite will have on the man of steel, but is fascinated that he will find his young cousin Supergirl totally under it’s effects

Part Two – Supergirl has never been able to bring Luther to justice for what he did to her in the secret mines years earlier. To do so she would have had to reveal the existence of Pink Kryptonite, and the effect it had on her. Now however Lionel’s son Lex is wanted for multiple criminal offenses and she plans to make Lionel tell her where his son is hiding. Unfortunately Lionel was prepared and is able to subject to her to refined Pink Kryptonite. She is stronger willed than before but the radiation hits her like a wave and almost instantly her pussy becomes dripping wet, even soaking her panties. Lionel takes his time to get the most out of Supergirl’s condition. After making her cum over and over and explosively squirt. Lionel uses Supergirl’s mouth and then, at last her pussy. She orgasms on the Billionaires cock despite her shame and he finishes by covering her face and tits. Again he leaves her their masturbating uncontrollably

Part Three – The Final Kryptonite Encounter – Supergirl finds Lionel hiding out in a hotel, avoiding the many warrants issued by the US Justice Department. Her anger is overwhelming and only Room-service showing up keeps her from crossing a violent line. But what is hidden under the tray is perfectly refined Pink Kryptonite in the form of a necklace and it is too potent for Supergirl to resist. Lionel makes Supergirl is desperate Sex hungry slave, using her mouth and pussy over and over and making her do the dirtiest acts that come to mind

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