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PART 1 Initial Conditioning and Kitten Training Put under, Trance, Sleep Awake. multiple times

Mindless Stripping

Unaware Stripping

Kitten, Crawling purring, drinking from a saucer

PART 2 Mindless and Helpless Orgasms- Kylie is in trance and mindlessly masturbates to orgasms repeating her mantras. Then Kylie is awakened but is unable o take the wand away from her super sensitive pussy. She begs, struggles, convulses and sakes as orgasms over power her and she cannot break the compulsion that the wand is stuck to her

PART 3 Headache Treatment- During Conversation Kylie either becomes a mindless cock sucking slave, repeating her mantra or becomes a wild cock sucking slut that passionately loves the dick. Either way she returns to normal when her name is spoken with no memory of what she was just doing. Dramatic changes in every aspect of her demeanor

PART 4 Confused and Fucked – Kylie is programmed to an extremely aroused orgasmic state. She is being fucked while in “sleep” and then woken and put in trance. When woken she has no idea how she is nude and being fucked hard but it feels too good to resist though she is clearly confused and begs for answers. In trance she repeats her sexual servitude Mantra

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