Primal’s Mental Domination – Tiffany Watson – To Be His Pet

Tiffany is buried under crushing debt she can never hope to get out of without an incredible amount of help. When she finds out about a special internship that will not only pay off her debt, but give her a huge bonus to help her start over again she jumps on the chance. The contract is simple, if intimidating – one year she will obey every command without question with the only addendum being she won’t be forced to do anything illegal or suffer any lasting physical harm.

Some part of her knows what her new “boss” Mr Masters will want, but she is in denial, until tells her that she will be his “pet” and orders to her to take her clothes off. After he has some fun tying her up and forcing her to cum until she can barely stand he explains that as she will be a pet she needs a tale and that the buttplug is more than it seems, and will make her perpetually horny, wet, and ready to be used. It is incredibly intense and painful as it goes in but she is instantly aroused and wet as if by magic.

Next, is her collar, her master explains it is more than a simple collar and once she puts it on she will only be able to say “yes master” and “no master” until she is released. Mr Masters gives her one last chance to back out before collaring her. Tiffany needs this so badly she goes forward and once collared she is fully bound with the snap of her masters fingers. She is now just “Tiffy” his obedient pet

Tiffy wakes up on the floor in her masters home and hears him on the phone, she is not allowed to walk so she crawls in to see him, compelled to be at his side at all times.

He hints at what she is to do for him every morning and she is unsure if it is what she thinks, some part of her mind doesn’t want to accept that having she will have no choice but to suck this man’s cock on command, anytime he wants for the next year, but she accepted the collar and resistance to the idea completely fades and does not return

Mr Masters is having a meeting with his business associates and at the end decides he want to show off his new pet, and perhaps see who might want the privilege of “pet sitting” for him while he makes a short overseas trip. Tiffy is wheeled in her cage to show her total obedience and other assets

It is the final day of Tiffy’s “internship” she is happily serving her master with her mouth and then even more happily getting her pussy used when Mr Masters releases her from the collar’s power. Instantly it is if a fog is lifted and all that she has done over the past year is suddenly so much more real. A mix of shame and arousal floods through her, Her time is not yet up and she finds herself carving her Master’s cock with no influence from the collar, in fact she is a wanton slut begging for the cock she has become addicted too. Her master makes her cum on his cock and then tells her the plug is coming out, to make room for something else. Tiffany is not ready to have her ass fucked, it is too much, she has already been used in every other way possible. Mr Master’s tell her the choice is hers, he wants her to want it, but if she doesn’t the contract is broken and she can go back to her life, and her debt as if the past year never happened. Tiffany can’t do that and give her master her ass, it is as if her ass has been trained for this moment and it is the most pleasure she has ever had, she cums over and over loving her masters cock.

But he never relents on pounding her and she is getting fucked senseless before he is done, she can’t take anymore and begs him to finish. He says he will if she can take it harder than before, she is scared but accepts and he pounds her deeper and harder than ever, she doesn’t think she can take another thrust but then he orders her on her knees filling her mouth and covering her face and tits. She has never loved cum more!

Mr Masters seems to completely lose interest in her and again what she has become fills her mind. Her former master tells her that a new intern is coming in and it is time for her to go and have her new life. As she gets her clothes and walks naked and covered in cum to the door she isn’t sure if she wants a new life or to remain a pet, she looks back sadly and says “thank you” to her master (for making her really know what she is) and then leaves

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