Primals Pantasies – Cali Carter – Subliminally Induced Uncontrolled Lust

Mr Maximilian Maximus has to deal with the ex-wife of a Bill Carter, a major shareholder that lost half his share holdings in Maximus Global. Max sees that she is everybit the bitch that Bill said she was and she is demanding a tour of the companies Research and Development department. It seems she wants to know why so much money is spent on projects without disclosure to the board.

Maximilian knows just the man to show her how things work at Maximus global and sets her up with the new R&D executive Mr Bronson.

Cali interrupts Maximus with demand for a tour. He pawns her off on Bronson, who doses her with a macguffin that makes her a super-horny submissive slut. She begs, rubs against him, strips, blows him, rides him, he rides her, and shoots a load into her mouth. Finally, Maximus re-enters and she crawls toward him, hungry for more.

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