PrimalsFantasies – Ashly Anderson & Alex Coal – The Lesbian Conversion

Ashly and Alex have been living together as a couple for about a year. They are out by the pool, putting sun tan oil on each other and one thing starts to lead to another. Before they can really get into it there is an incessant ringing of the door bell. Ashly goes to check out who it is and a man is there when she opens the door. With a touch Ashly’s whole way of seeing men changes and she wants to be this strangers obedient willing slut.

Alex and Ashly are sunbathing by their pool – they apply suncreen and kiss but are interrupted by the doorbell.

Guy at the door uses a magic touch to convert Ashly from a loving lesbian into a cock-hungry slut ready to serve her new master.

He feels her up a bit then gets her to start blowing him – Alex Coal walk into this and is shocker at what ios happeneing but soon gets converted into another slut who wants to show she is better at cock sucking than her lesbian lover.

They perform a double blowjob with lots of master-talk, ball sucking and deepthroating. He cums in Alex’s mouth and they swap it back and forth then lick him clean.

Scene cuts to bedroom where they are both towelling the guy down and professing their devotion to him.

They fuck on the bed in lots of positions: lots of cowgirl, some pussy eating, pussy fingering, some blowjob, doggystyle and missionary. Lots of swapping from 1 girls pussy to the others mouth.

Ends with facial across their open mouths and them saying how much they like to serve their master.

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