Raquel Roper – Noisy Neighbor Mesmerized & Trained Into Fuck Doll

Your neighbor Raquel is in the middle of some sets, using your at home gym to get in a workout. Getting comfortable as she works up a sweat, she removes her tank top; exposing her sports bra. You can’t help but look at her round tits, feeling your cock growing hard. Thinking out loud, you mutter the words “What nice tits..”, under your breathe, and the perving comment doesn’t go unnoticed by your neighbor. “What did you say?, Did you just say nice tits!?”, Raquel is shocked, figuring that you were just being nice in allowing her to use your equipment instead of simply being an eyeing pervert. “Hand me my keys I’m leaving!” she shouts, and you scramble into your pocket to retrieve your own special set of keys. Pulling them out in front of her eyes, Raquel is irritated and confused. “Wait, those aren’t my..” but she is cut off as you begin to sway the set back and forth. Your set of keys has a charm on it, that mesmerizes the minds and bodies of whatever woman you place before it; and this isn’t the first time you’ve had to use it on a noisy neighbor. Raquel is sent into a trance, a spell of sorts, under your will. From this moment on, she will do whatever you see fit; responding in “Yes Master” to your every command. Raquel will now be your own personal trained cock sucking, riding, and fucking doll; not a single word of protest never leaving her lips as you ram your cock into her mouth and pussy however you see fit. ”

Once hypnotised by his keys, the lovely neighbour is at his command, responding with yes master to any request. In the bedroom she removes her cloths and masturbates. A blow job is followed by different positions on the bed, missionary, doggy, cow girl where he cums inside her (no cum shot) She moans and organisms loudly while she is fucking.

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