Robo-Pimp – Amanda In Car Programming

As most of you are aware by now, Amanda started off as one of my personal guinea pigs for PROGRAM shoots. I would test things out on her first, and see how it worked… as she is an excellent subject and accepts my PROGRAMING without any hesitation. I’ve also planted various triggers that have persisted with her since I’ve worked with her numerous times. I’ve always wanted to try this in the car… and I did once or twice before, but this time I was prepared by getting a new GoPro and shooting most of it with that, and some additional footage with my iPhone…

Enjoy watching Amanda slip into a PROGRAM easily with a single word, and some FREEZE, and BLANK, commands… forcing her to become sexually aroused and play with herself.. as she starts off by ripping off her shorts, and sticking her fingers in her pussy! She gets so turned on, at the very end when I allow her to cum, she squirts all over herself, and my car seat! Thank god for moist towelettes!! Once she has finsihed cumming, she returns back into her BLANK state, and then I drop her back into a limp PROGRAM, and bring her back. The moment she is aware, she is shocked at what happened!!

Key acts include: Hypnosis, Obeying Commands, Pussy rubbing, Pussy fingering, Masturbation, Limp body, Frozen body

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