Robo-Pimp - Luna Vera Controlled Pt 2
This clip includes the following scenes:

Yes Master
In this short clip, we start off with LunaVera in her program state, as I intensely program her to respond to the word PLEASE with the phrase “Yes Master” and then she will be compelled to do what ever I ask of her. I ask her to remove her pants… its quite interesting seeing LunaVera’s expressions during this entire process. This is a short, yet interesting clip.

In this clip, LunaVera explains to me that she wants to go deeper. So this clip we focus on just that, deepening her programming experience. You can watch her body go limp and lifeless when I initiate this state and watch how compliant she is.

Deep Freeze
Here we just returned from an extended break where we got some dinner, and LunaVera is still programmed.. But its has been at least an hour or so since we did anything, so I decide to shock her back into a program state and then spend some time deepening her, and enforce my programming. You can see that she lets herself go very deep, as she starts drooling, and she looks limp and out of it. And you can see her eyes moving into REM state; while I continue to encorce my programming. Finally controlling her body as I have her sit up, and then I bring her out of the program state.. and then freeze her and pose her a bit; finally using the PLEASE command to get her to remove all her clothes leaving her bra and panties.. as she complies instantly with an adorable “YES Master”..

We start off this clip with me programming LunaVera as she is limp and compliant to my words. I make sure she is more compliant and more responsive to what we are doing, and then peform a few physical tests where I move her arm around and around, while talking… and then her arms continues to move around and around by itself until she complies completely… and when she is back with us, we have a normal conversation and then I say the RED word. First off, some background information about LunaVera.. as she told me earlier that she has not had an orgasm without physical stimulation, so I ask if she wants us to try it without any… so this was kind of a challenge, in my eyes; and after I say the word RED you can instantly see something happening inside of LunaVera… as her breath escapes as she starts squirming around sexually…. So I then ask her what if felt like.. and her response was quite verbose and interesting… then I say RED again.. and say it over and over.. as she erotically squirms more and more… her body vibrating and gyrating as she feels the sexual energy.. and then I say PLEASE remove your panties as she instantly says YES MASTER and complies… then realizes her panties are gone… and then I say RED.. but it didn’t work… and then she realizes it, but she quickly drops back into it… I think the YES Master made her snap out of the moment temporarily.. then I freeze her in position. As she is frozen, I stand her up.. and you can tell she’s gone. Looking at her face, and how her body is stuck. Once standing up, I remove her bra so that she is 100% naked and pose her. I pan the camera close-up to her face, and her arms and hands and the rest of her body to give everyone a good look at how beautiful LunaVera is. I then sit her back down on the sofa, as you can see her drool starting to happen.. Then when I unfreeze her, you can see her shock when she jumps slightly and then wonders where her top is.. but before much else can go on I quickly invoke her program mode as she goes limp on the sofa.

Please Masturbate
We start off with LunaVera attempting to put her clothes back on, but I have pre-programmed her so that any attempts to put clothes back on will result in the clothing being so slipperly they just fall out of her hands… and then I say RED while she instantly orgasms. Then while she’s trying to put her clothing back on, I say RED again… and finally say PLEASE masturbate as she instantly complies with a YES Master.. and she starts masturbating.

I have now programmed LunaVera to feel as if a huge cock is starting to fuck her each time I snap my fingers. So before I hit it to her, we have a little conversation and then I snap my fingers as instantly she looks shocked as her entire body starts vibrating sexually as she believes someone is banging her… then I inject RED triggers throughout the process, listening to her screaming and moaning. Finally I put her back into a program state, and instruct her to believe my finger snaps are now DUAL penetration… enjoy watching her spread her legs and scream in pleasure! At the very end she is shocked..
Mind Suck Lens
In this clip, I decide to give LunaVera a short break from all the orgasms and penetration and make her believe that my camera is magical and can suck her mind out of her body. Once I point my finger into my lens, and ask her to look into it – it will start sucking her mind out of her body. Enjoy watching the transformation of vibrant sexy LunaVera into a mindless out of it LunaVera… the transformation is quite intriguing, and then afterwards her reaction and how she behaves is quite nice..

Double Penetration Freeze
On the start of this clip, LunaVera asks me “What have we done?” as she is clueless as to what has happened as of far. I tell her, I’m not too sure… and start having a conversation with her, eventually snapping my fingers invoking the double penetration as she instantly squirms in surprising pleasure. While she’s orgasming with the double penetration I freeze her in place.. in an awkward position! Panning the camera across her stuck wide open legs spread for our pleasure… and then I unfreeze her and instantly she is shocked at how she’s posed and doesn’t know why.. then I explain to her that she just experienced a double-penetration, and she looks at me like I’m crazy yet she thinks and understands… given how her ass feels… then I snap my fingers again and it happens again! freezing her once more while she is in mid-penetration… moving her about, and then unfreezing her.

In this final clip of LunaVera, we move into a Q&A session. I start asking her what she remembers, and she can’t recall much of what happened earlier in our shoot… then I freeze her briefly; and put her back into a program state where I program her exit routine; where I shake her hand and she instantly remembers everything. So when I bring her out, I ask her a few more questions much to her dismay she can’t recall much.. so I thank her, and extend my hand out to her. As she shakes my hand, you can see in her eyes and facial expression as everything starts to come back to her and she remembers. SHe is shocked, and laughs at what we did! At the very end she blows us a kiss and promises to be back.


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