Sofa Stuck Ass Poked

Her first clip after her initial training session with me. I strengthen the spell by putting her back in the training state, and then instructing her that she’s stuck to the sofa; and every time I snap my fingers she feels something poking her in the ass. Enjoy her reactions when she attempts to stand up and can’t! Then, when I snap my finger she practically jumps out of the sofa in shock and awe. Finally I freeze her a few times, and start removing the straps of her dress exposing her bra.. she can’t quite grasp the concept of what’s happening, and you can see it in her face here.

Brain Cleaning

Now that we have established our hold on cherry Poppins, and she is convinced she’s stuck to the chair, and feels something poking her ass randomly; I tell her I may have a solution… But before that, I freeze her and remove her bra exposing her beautiful breasts…and then I tell her that the solution is to remove her brain, clean it, and put it back! She agrees, and I proceed to remove her brain and clean it… but before I put it back in, I pose her a bit; do a eye check, and more… then when I put it back in, its reversed; so everything for her is opposite… finally taking it out again, and putting it back in restoring her to normal..

Yes Master Panty Hat Orgasm

Cherry Poppins is now trained to have the new trigger word “Please” which invokes a moment of blankness where she is receptive to a suggestions; after which she has to say “Yes Master” and perform the suggestion. First, she’s instructed to remove her skirt.. and then her panties. Finally I have her putting her panties on her head as a hat; and she kinda is entertained by that; until I tell her that she hates panty hats! You can see an instant change in attitude towards the panty hat; as she tries to yank it off; but just can’t! Finally I instruct her to feel sexually aroused the more she plays with the panty hat. You can see her starting to play with her body, and move around suggestively; finally she is instructed that the third time she attempts to remove the panty hat it will come off; and the moment it does she will have the most incredible orgasm ever!

Red Orgasms

In this clip, cherry Poppins is frozen a few times; and her panties placed back on her head… but then I put her back in a training state, and give her the RED trigger word to invoke an intense orgasm. When I bring her back out of the training state, I find something interesting has happened; its not only when I say the word RED, its when she thinks the word RED she gets an intense orgasm! Enjoy watching her squeal with pleasure.
Red Orgasms 2

In this continuation, of cherry Poppins having uncontrollable spontaneous orgasms when ever she sees RED, thinks of RED, or I say RED. I just had to let this go on further, cause it was so much fun watching her get hit with it over and over and over again.

Freeze Orgasms

Orgasms are wonderful. Orgasms are great. Orgasms are uncontrollable, and often hit you when you least expect it. Wait? No, not really… unless you are working with me! cherry Poppins is still reacting uncontrollably to the word RED having instant orgasm over and over again; to the point her eyes are rolling up in the back of her head. Finally, I give her some level of relief by freezing her at various parts of her orgasms and posing her, and moving her; and then unfreezing her again…


In this clip, cherry Poppins is made to talk complete gibberish on command, and without her being able to control herself.

Getting Stupid

Cherry Poppins is now forced to masturbate and please herself. But, as she is doing it; the more she masturbates the more stupid she becomes. Enjoy watching her reactions, and comments to things as she plays with herself over and over again; finally ending with me freezing her in place and moving all over her body.

Standing Orgasms

cherry Poppins, is sitting on the sofa. But I have other plans for her; so I freeze her in place and then pick her up and position her so she is standing. Then I unfreeze her, and instruct her that the word RED is back; and she sees the sofa across from her that is red, and starts having uncontrollable orgasms! Over and over again… some good eye rolling movements here, as she is cumming.

Lost Number

Orgasms Here, cherry Poppins is convinced that she no longer knows or has any concept of the number 5. As such, I start asking her questions as to how many fingers she has in total… then having her hold up her hands to us, palms out; to count each finger out loud. We can see her mind is confused, as it tries to figure out what is wrong; but eventually she says she has 11 fingers… and then 12? She’s confused… and amongst all this, I re-enable the RED orgasm trigger… and then she starts seeing red, and orgasming!!

Red Number Five

In this short clip, cherry Poppins is trained to believe that the number 5 is the color RED.. and she’s made to orgasm when she hears or thinks RED. Then, I ask her to start counting her fingers, as she holds up her hands with her palms out to us; and starts counting… 1… 2… 3…. 4….. bam, she breaks into an orgasm!!

Hands with a Mind of their Own

In this first clip of two, where cherry Poppin’s hands are made to have a mind of their own; cherry tries to control them but just can’t; as her hands start to do various things and eventually start abusing her.

Perverted Hands

cherry Poppins hands have a mind of their own. In the last clip, they abused her a bit, and made her do things she didn’t really wanna do; but here the hands take a twist to the perverted side and start playing with her body sexually. First they start playing with her boobs, then her pussy… back and forth, making her feel sexually aroused but for all the wrong reasons!

Mind Sucking Lens

In this final clip of cherry Poppins, she is trained to believe my camera lens is magical and starts to suck her mind out of her body. As I tell her to look into my lens, it captures her gaze and she can’t look away as it slowly starts to suck her mind out of her body leaving her mindless and ready for me to do with her as I please.

Only Friends

Welcome cherry poppins, and her friend Sam. This clip starts off a bit out of order, as its after I’ve spent two hours with cherry preparing her for this series. After we finish this series, I’ll start posting the first initial clips… right after she’s trained, and made to do various things to help deepen things to get to this point. Here, we start off with cherry poppins in a training state, where we are ending the shoot; but before we do so I freeze her in place and her friend Sam (who drove her to us) comes into frame. Sam is her friend, and that’s it; but Sam has always wanted to be with cherry – so he confided in me earlier, and convinced me to help him achieve his goal of fucking cherry. SO this clip introduced Sam as only a friend! But I reveal what Sam’s intentions are, and cherry gets super self conscious and covers herself and doesn’t want any part of this. Then I freeze cherry, and allow Sam to have his way with her!! Unfreezing her at parts, to see how cherry will react to Sam touching her and having his way! Making it impossible for cherry to resist!

Nanobot Control

OK, so its very obvious from the previous clip cherry poppins does not want to have sex, or any contact with Sam. So we have decided to secretly introduce nanobots to her drink, and make her feel very thirsty! And we have her trained to believe the water is laced with nanobots that will turn her into a slut and want to have sex with anything. But, the nanobots aren’t perfected yet, so they may malfunction randomly. You can see, when she drinks the water; she feels something odd happening to her… and then I explain what we did, and she is shocked; but before she can do much to stop it; the nanobots take effect and she starts attacking Sam sexually. But, mid-way, they malfunction and she realizes what she’s doing and stops it instantly; but then they return back to working order and she continues to attack him.

Freeze Blow Job

cherry poppins likes her friend Sam.. but doesn’t want to have anything to do with him sexually; this was very clear in our first clip. BUT, with a little bit of training that can change…. Here cherry has just taken a sip of water, laced with nanobots; and she starts off grabbing Sam’s cock, and then realizes what she’s doing as the nanobots malfunction and stops herself!! But, the nanobots take over again as she continues to grab his cock, taking it out of his pants, and starting to give him a series of blowjobs!! Enjoy her reaction when consistently over time, she realizes what’s happening and tries to stop herself… but then she can’t resist… At various times I also freeze her in place, as Sam poses her; stuffs his cock in her mouth, and more.

Freeze Fucked

cherry poppins is under full control of the nanobots, and as such has turned into an uncontrollable slut that just wants to fuck anything in sight; namely her friend Sam. Sam and cherry are just friends, but Sam has always wanted to fuck cherry – but cherry didn’t want to… so I trained cherry to believe her mind is being controlled by the nanobots, and as such she is attacking Sam sexually. In this clip, we have cherry begging Sam to put it in her, and he does.. but then she snaps out of her spell, and realizes what is happening and screams and yells at Sam! Before cherry can do anything, I freeze her in place and Sam positions her on the sofa and starts to fuck her frozen body; and then I unfreeze her… and which point she is under control of the nanobots again and enjoys it. This goes on for a bit, and is quite riveting watching cherry’s reaction!

Your So Bad

cherry poppins is trained, trained to be an insatiable slut that wants to fuck anything and everything. How she became this way? I’m sure you know, but if you haven’t seen her prior clips; she’s ingested some nanobots that are controlling her behavior. Sam, her friend; is the object of her desire. But she really doesn’t want to have sex with him, its the nanobots that are controlling and making her do this. In this clip, we have cherry frozen solid, as Sam is banging her hard; and then various times we unfreeze her where cherry gets shocked at what Sam is doing; but before she can resist him the nanobots take over and force her to be a slut whore that wants Sam, and any other guy for that matter. Enjoy watching the fight between cherry’s nanobots and herself. I also invoke the RED instant orgasm trigger various times throughout this clip.

From Behind

cherry poppins is still letting Sam fuck her, and she really wants him to take her from behind. Enjoy watching as sweat forms on both of their bodies as they get it off together… every so often, cherry still snaps out of the spell and starts yelling at Sam about what he’s doing to her. But it never lasts too long, either I freeze her in place or the nanobots take over again. And, of course; I use the RED orgasm trigger often.

Sex Finale

In this final clip of cherry poppins, at the end of her session; we have her still having sex with Sam.. giving him various blow jobs, and allowing him to do anything to her due to the nanobots controlling her mind. During random times, she is frozen while Sam is having his way with her. Finally, we bring her out of her training session, and make her remember everything that occurred as she gets angry at us for what happened; but when she realizes that the money Sam bribed me to do this is going to be given to her, she changes her tune and is happy again.

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