Scene One: Robot or no bot

Dressed in high heels and their robot suits, Milf bots Dava and Cory walk into your living room awaiting commands. You activate their wife mode and watch as they come to life. The girls don’t understand what they’re wearing or where they are. They’re certainly not robots as you insist. You play with them, trying to convince them that they’re really robots. You freeze Dava and explain to Cory that she’s a robot as well.

Enter slut mode you tell Cory. Cory does as she’s told, feeling Dava’s breasts and getting turned on. You unfreeze Dava and watch her horrified at being felt up. You freeze Cory and let Dava understand that she’s a robot. Turning them both back to normal girls they struggle with their own denial and identity.

You make Dava enter slut mode and release her on Cory’s humiliated body. Dava strips and begins to feel Cory up. Cory shouts in protest, pleading with Dava to stop. You enter Cory into slut mode and the two girls can’t get enough of each other. Kissing, touching, licking they explore each other as Milf lesbian robots. In the middle of their sexcapade you freeze them and turn them back to normal girls and watch their embarrassment and shame.

Scene Two: Lesbian Recharge

Freezing Cory you instruct Dava on how to shut down and reboot the Cory robot. Biting her lip Dava loves taking control of the other robot. Dava recharges Cory by playing with Cory’s large breasts and licking her sensitive robot clit until she cums. What are you doing down there! Cory yells as she’s made into a real girl again. Hearing enough of her complaints Dava shuts Cory down.

Slut mode Dava tries some commands of her own for the controlled robot, asking that Cory recharge her. Cory does not comply at first and Dava has to repeat commands until Cory does as she’s told. Cory bot licks Dava’s clit with robotic precision and makes her moan in pleasure. Just as she’s about to cum you turn them both back to normal girls and they freak out. You decide to keep robot Cory and command her to dispose of robot Dava. Cory lifts her up and brings her to the incinerator.
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  • Batman 3 years ago

    Could you upload more ggh videos? Those are my favorite. Thanks (:

    • Fetishman 3 years ago

      there are a lot hypno studios, diversity is a important issue as well as we are not uploading here just for you, there are a lot of tastes here