Robot and Limp Videos - Cory chase - Parker Swazye in Robot Wife Test Drive

Scene One: Bot or not

Parker and Cory walk stiffly into the living room at your command. Their bodies and minds completely controlled by you. Unfreeze you tell them. Where am I? They both ask. They don’t know each other or where they are. You explain to them that they are Milf bots, made and programmed to serve him. This man is crazy Parker says and you freeze both of them. If they want to pretend to be real people then your going to play with them.

You make them touch each others breasts and unfreeze them to see their reactions. They freak out and you delight in their emotions. Refreezing them you pull open their clothes and watch as they frantically try to put their cloths back on. This just wont do you think and make them topless.

Scene Two: Binary toys

You keep playing with them, programming one to like touching breasts and one to hate touching breasts. They yell at you and continue to freak out until you freeze them again. You make them strip for you, until their completely naked and unfreeze them to watch their complete embarrassment.

You tell them to kiss and masturbate for you on the couch. As they complete your commands you turn them back to normal to laugh at them before transforming them into your play things again. They cum for you like the sluts they are moaning and screaming in pleasure. You send each of them away to recharge and reprogram satisfied for now.

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