Episode 3 opens with super villain Man Fly waiting to ambush Arachnia. The two do battle with the spider heroine coming out on top. But her victory is short lived, as a new foe, X-terminator, arrives on the scene and quickly subdues her with an industrial strength bug spray, that puts her under his power.

Arachnia becomes his moll, fulfilling his every command, starting with a crime spree and ending with hot sex back at the lair. She blows him on the couch before getting stripped, fingered and fucked. Arachnia is then caged by Man Fly and fucked behind bars. She loves being an evil slut until the effects of the spray wear off. Unable to escape from X-terminator’s clutches, she radios the other J.I.S.M. Girls for help.

Sexed Up Superheroines 3 stars the beautiful Franchezca Valentina as the silk slinging superheroine. More cool locations and costumes, and great action — sexual and otherwise — make this an episode not to be missed!

Running time: 49 minutes, plus 10 additional minutes of behind the scenes footage, interviews and outtakes.

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