The Joker has orchestrated a break out of Arkham Asylum and plans to rendezvous with his main squeeze Harley Quinn.
Harley is on her way towards the meet-up point when she is interrupted by a simpleton janitor. The totally marks out for Miss Quinn. Filling her personal space, Harley attempts to get the loser janitor to buzz off but he’s persistent.
The man explains that in all the Super Villain’s she’s his absolute favourite. Harley goes to meet up with The Joker when the man asks for one photo. He explains it would make his life if she would.
Harley agrees hoping to be rid of the doofus, while posing a blinding flash scrambles Harley’s crazed mind. Staggering around she’s confused.
The janitor steps forward and explains to Harley what’s happening to her. He’s in fact not a janitor but a brilliant scientist, who for years has been developing this mind altering flash for one sole reason… TO FUCK HARLEY QUINN!!!
The janitor starts by forcing Harley to humiliate herself by barking like a . After toying with her he sets his goals higher.
Harley is ordered to deliver a sloppy wild blowjob which she does with vigour. Then she slides his spit soaked cock straight into her crazy pussy and delivers a fuck that made his years of twisted work worth it!

Once under his control Harley is made to submit herself to his will, she is bent into many position includes oral training, girl on top, missionary, doggy style, revere cowgirl. her arse hole is oiled and tasted, she pulls her fish nets up to reveal her swollen lips. a vibrator is also used on her as part of the training.

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