Taboo Fantasy – Melody – Voodoo Doll

When Peter confesses to his sister Melody that he secretly has been lusting for her because she is so hot melody tells him to fuck off!

Peter pleads with her to let him fuck her, just once, but Melody is grossed out by the concept of having sex with her own brother and kicks him out of her room.

Peter, however has an evil back-up plan! He orders a potent Voodoo Doll made specially to resemble his goddess big sister. Peter uses the Evil Voodoo Doll to arouse melody and it works like a charm!

Peter rubs the breasts of the Voodoo Doll and sure enough Melody begins to feel light, caresses on her Tits as she lies in bed. Melody can’t figure out what’s happening to her.

Next, Peter lifts up the dress of the Voodoo Doll and starts to rub it’s cunt! Melody becomes overwhelmed and writhes in ecstasy as Peter manipulates the Voodoo Doll from the Living Room.

Melody is now masturbating furiously to keep up with the stimulation coming from the Doll! Peter senses that now might be a good time to return to Melody’s room. Sure enough as soon as she sees Peter Melody attacks him!

She is overcome with insatiable lust and wrestles him down to her crotch and tells him to lick her cunt! Peter licks his Hot Sister’s cunt until she climaxes. Then Melody demands cock!

Melody sucks her Brother’s cock, and then demands that he pound the stuffing out of her! Peter Fucks Melody’s brains out and then cums all over her tits!

Melody still can’t understand why she wanted her Brother to do that to her as Peter returns to the Living Room picks up the Powerful Idol, and says “I Love You Voodoo Doll!!!!”.

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