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Primal Fetish – Alexis Fawx – Wife’s Behavior Control Chip

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Alexis is a total bitch to her husband. She only married him for his money, and now she won't let him touch her. She won't even let him kiss her cheek on his way off to work. She shows no affection, runs up ...

Primals Fantasies – Alexis Fawx – Reverse Psychology

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The guy hypnotizes the therapist and makes her masturbate. Next session she strips, he masturbates her with an hitachi and makes her give him a bj ending with fake cum in her mouth. In the third and la...

Primals Fantasies – Alexis Fawx – Under the Influence

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Alexis is part of a marital support group in her church. A lot of the women in the group, including the group leader and pastor's wife Cherie, have been seeing a particular therapist for marital counseling...