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GirlsGoneHypnotized – Hotel Hypnosis 3

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GirlsGoneHypnotized - Hotel Hypnosis 3 Amber and Lily are sharing a room at a hotel while traveling together. Lily steps out for the morning and Amber stays at the room alone. When Amber walks into the living r...

Robo-Girls Trained To Be Bad – Amber in Flirting

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Robo-Girls Trained To Be Bad - Amber in Flirting As we have established in the prior clip, Amber has a deep PROGRAM that triggers when I say the word SOFA... causing a reaction that makes her go mindless and ut...

Robo-Pimp – Amber in Programing

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Welcome back Amber to our studio, and we proceed with another PROGRAMMING session! Like before, Amber is an awesome subject and drift off into limp-state quite easily, as you can see in this video!

Robo-Pimp Girls Trained To Be Bad – Amber – Tipsy

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Now in this clip, we PROGRAM Amber to believe she's taking a shot of straight strong drink, each time I snap my fingers. Each time she does this, she get more and more tipsy; to the point she completel...

Entrancement UK – Amber, Vickie & Nicola Entranced

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All ready to obey, ladies? This was my first three girl shoot, and it was a lot of fun. It didn’t quite go how I’d expected it to, like I didn’t get all three girls as deeply hypnotized as I’d h...

Robo-Pimp – Amber & Mya – Controlled Amber

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In this clip, we start off with both Mya and Amber in a deep PROGRAM, limp and lifeless. I focus first on Amber's limp body, on her face, open her eyes, and lift her hands, and check out her body.....

HypnoPimp – Amber – Love Potion

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Now after I've successfully PROGRAMED Amber, I give her a suggestion to want to hold my hand.. so after I bring her up, she just has to hold my hand.. so then I quickly put her back into a limp PRO...

Hypnopimp – Amber – Booty Freeze

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Robopimp – Amber – I will Obey

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Amber is placed in a deep PROGRAM, where I start injecting a subliminal thought inside her mind, one that will start repeating over and over and over again... the mantra "I am ***, I will obey"... and ...

Robo-Pimp – Mya & Amber – Removing Clothes

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In this short and simple clip, Mya and Amber ad PROGRAMED to remove a piece of clothing each time I say Pillow or Sofa. Enjoy watching their confusion, and shock as to why they are doing this... they never g...

Hypnopimp – Amber in Freeze Fainting

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This clip starts off with Amber in a deep PROGRAM, and unaware of what's happening. I then initiate a full control of her body, while she's in this state and have her sit up... while still in a deep PROGRA...