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CC Productions – The Corruption of Batgirl – Christina carter

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Catwoman lures Batgirl to her lair and captivates her with magic smoke from a cigarette. Under Catwoman's smoky spell Batgirl is soon changed from super-heroine to super sexy villain Catgirl and now se...

Anastasia Pierce-Fetish Super-Heros – Anastasia Pierce & Ludella Hahn – THE PURR-FECT CRIME

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The Full Adventure - THE PURR-FECT CRIME, Sticking Situation & Cyanide Dreams - a Super Heroine Trap and Sleepy Lesbian Parody Starring: Anastasia Pierce as Catwoman and Ludella Hahn as Batgirl ...

Ludella Hahn – Bat Man Gets BANGed by Brainwashed Batgurl

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In the last episode, Hahnny Quinn hacked into Batgurl's computer to activate a brainwashing sequence, and in spite of her trying to fight it, after a series of degrading and humiliating orders, Bat...