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Touchy Subject Productions – Chastity Turns Becky to Sex Slave 2

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Touchy Subject Productions - Chastity Turns Becky to Sex Slave 2

Primal Fantasies – Christiana Cinn – Under the Influence

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Christiana just got a promotion at her job and married! Her co-worker comes in to congratulate her on both with a "special blend" of coffee from her favorite place. While he toasts to her new successes...

Primalfantasies – Summer Hart – Real Estate Agent Trained To Obey

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Summer is waiting for her client to show up so she can finish trying to sell a house to him. She noticed him starring at her at her office, so she decided to dress slutty to make her commission. Little...

Primals Fantasies – Exchange Student – Grammar Lessons

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Russel has been given the job of tutoring cute little Asian exchange student. He asks her about going out some time and she turns him down. Russell decides to try some special educational training tech...

Entrancement UK – Honour Entranced 5

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Honour became my frozen doll for an afternoon… and a confused Mistress… and a playful puppy… and a horny obedient slut… and a TREE! My fifth time working with Honour, and to mix things up, we shot t...

Ludella Hahn – Oops I Brainwashed Myself

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Ludella plays a nerdy feminist who has been paired with a sleazeball for a group assignment at school. She shows up at his house, already hating that she has to work with him, but gets extra peeved...

Entrancement UK – Lesbian Girlfriends Mind Controlled – Nymph & Rascal

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An entertaining shoot with two ladies who are genuine partners in real life so weren’t afraid to get rather “intimate” with one another. This time round we also had Cassie King on hand in the role of g...

Anastasia Pierce Fetish Super-Heros – Anastasia Pierce & Carissa Montgomery – The Groping Box Pt 1 Zatanna’s Magic Box

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Part 1 of 2 / Super Heroine Parody Fantasy - Zatanna vs Miss Robin Starring: Anastasia Pierce as Zatanna and Carissa Montgomery as Miss Robin Synopsis: Miss Robin is feeling really frustrated wit...

Entrancement UK – Honour May 2 Fembot Training

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This time round, we don’t just get to work with Honour, we also get to work with a fembot sales lady (and her fembot), “David” a competition winner that gets to test drive Honour’s body, “Super-Honour”...

Ludella Hahn – Bat Man Gets BANGed by Brainwashed Batgurl

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In the last episode, Hahnny Quinn hacked into Batgurl's computer to activate a brainwashing sequence, and in spite of her trying to fight it, after a series of degrading and humiliating orders, Bat...

Ludella Hahns Fetish Adventures – Bitchy Teacher Brainwashed

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Clip Includes: POV, Magic Control, Woman Following Orders, Female Training, Brainwashing, Reprogramming, Tit Play, Erotic Magic, Real Doll, Transformation, Nerdy Girl, Bitch to Bimbo, Hot for Tea...

Ludella Hahn – The Brainwashing Box: Curiosity Conditions the Girls into Mindless Obedient Slaves

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Sarah Michelle finds a mysterious box with a note attached to it that says "Anyone looking into this box will become a mindless obedient slave to the holder of the box." She becomes curious of wh...

Ludella Hahn – Erotic Vampire Hotel Seducing Tara

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Another victim in my "Erotic Vampire Hotel" series. This time, it's the brunette girl-next-door Tara Tied. When a vampire is very hungry, a hotel is like a buffet, and this buffet happens to be at Fe...