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XXX Multimedia – Bros Before Hoes

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Starring: Sandra Luberc and Aiden Valentine I was pissed when I knocked on the door to Sandra's house. Right, I should probably tell you who she is first - I'm already getting carried away. Sandr...

Ludella Hahn – Oops I Brainwashed Myself

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Ludella plays a nerdy feminist who has been paired with a sleazeball for a group assignment at school. She shows up at his house, already hating that she has to work with him, but gets extra peeved...

Ludella Hahn – Accidental Entrancement: Therapist Becomes a Puppet for Her Patients

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Clip Includes: Therapist Attempts .0therapy on a patient but ends up entrancing herself instead, Puppet, Stuck Up Therapist Turned Into Obedient Plaything, Magic Control, Transformation, Blank Star...

Hypnolust – Casey Cumz Robot Movie

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Self-destruction initiated Casey a beautiful female android that is working for the robotics company that built her. Her job is to create a virus that will be used to infect androids built by her co...

Hypnolust – Casey Cumz Clip Thirteen

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I want you to use me master Casey, our sexy yet unlucky stripper, wakes up and now she has only one desire and that is to dance, strip and entice her master with her beautiful young body. I cannot d...

Hypnolust – Casey Cumz Clip Twelve

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Here Kitty, kitty here... Casey, our beautiful stripper, wakes up from her last, let's call it, adventure without really knowing what just happened. Needless to say, she is quite confused when I men...

Ludella Hahn’s Fetish Adventures – Ludella Hahn – Revenge Brainwashing

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Ludella Hahn is POVs bitchy coworker who acts rudely and arrogantly to him. She makes POV do all her work for her so she can just play on her phone with her legs kicked up on her desk. She treats him l...

Hypnolust – Casey Cumz Clip Eight

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Limp, pedal pumping, orgasmed and... This next segment is hot. Casey, who believes the sessions is over, get's into her car and starts the engine. Well, that is as far as she gets. A mysterious stra...

Hypnolust – Casey Cumz Clip Two

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No more thinking Casey Cumz, stunningly beautiful seductress with the perfect hard-body (including big tits) has already become one of my all-time favorite girls/subjects. I am certain you will all ag...

Hypnolust – Alexa (Clip Eight)

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Back to the bedroom. This time I will have her feel me fucking her from behind and than make her masturbate real hard. WOW she loves Doggy style. You gonna love this one

Anton Production – Stripnotized 12 – Penny Flame, Amber Michaels and Sinn Sage

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Three hot girls are entranced and made to strip and embarrass themselves in this extremely hot title. Two of the hottest adult stars ever give excellent performances (and look gorgeous!) in this f...

Hypnolust – Alexa (Clip Five)

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OK one more deep and hard orgasm and than I will slowly wake her up. See what she has to say about my treatment! I have a feeling she is cured at least she knows that she is horny and wants to mast...

Hypnolust – Alexa (Clip Two)

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Alexa, my sweet eighteen year old patient First come Alexas first visit clip two: Alexa is now in a deep trance and I have her masturbate for me. She is learning very fast that following my voice ...

Hypnolust – Alexa (Clip One)

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Alexa is put in trance, and undressed

HypnoLust – Natalie Monroe Robot Movie

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Fixer upper Frank runs a scrap facility that breaks down old robots and strips their parts for use in repair shops and resale facilities. He comes in to check on the latest arrival who was left ...

HypnoLust – Natalie Monroe Clip 13

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I am nothing but an object We should not be doing this Natalie, my girlfriends beautiful roommate, has now been reduced to being a mindless (quite zombie like) slow thinking and zoned out shell...

Ludella Hahn – Two Girls, One Brainwashing Bet

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Whitney comes home in a chipper mood because she just passed her entrancement therapy exam and is now approved to work on clients. Ludella thinks it's all phoney and tells Whitney it only works o...

HypnoLust – Natalie Monroe Clip 10

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