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Entrancement UK – Secret Slavegirl 2 (Brook Scott) Part 2

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[0:00:30] Programmed to slowfreeze on the turntable [0:01:20] Steps on... and realises her mistake [0:02:40] Rotating & posing my new plaything [0:04:08] Raven smiles like a barbie doll for u...

Entrancement UK – Secret Slavegirl 2 (Brook Scott) Part 1

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This was my second full mesmerism shoot with the stunning (but bratty) Brook Scott. Whilst Brook *does* class herself as submissive, she really likes to make you work for it. There's no point where Bro...

Entrancement UK – Secret Slavegirl – Brook Scott & Raven

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We'd worked with Brook previously but had unfortunately ended up with no usable footage from that shoot. (Faulty SD cards. Gah!) We knew she was a really good subject though, as she'd previously drop...