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Entrancement UK – Nancy

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Mannequin Mind Control (HypnoDolls) From: Entrancement UK Four HypnoDoll scenes starring Nancy. (Please note: HypnoDoll is my line of FANTASY videos and contain no genuine entrancement) 1...

Ludella Hahn – Batgurl gassed and unmasked by Scarecrow

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Batgurl gets a call from Chief O'Hara to lookout for the Scarecrow. She has a hunch who is behind the mask and pays a visit to Doctor Crane. Unfortunately for her, Doctor Crane has some new chemicals...

Ludella Hahn – For Your Eyes Only – Bond Villains Legs Make You Weak

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In this clip, you are James Bond (shot POV), and you stumble upon a beautiful woman at a lounge. You think it's just by chance, but she's come to defeat you. You're magnetically drawn to her by her b...