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Primal Fetish – Silver Staff – Mind Mastered by Mysterio (Daisy Summers)

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Silver Staff is a confident, dominating and aggressive superheroine, she storms into Arch-Villain Mysterio's lair to confront him. She easily deflects his mystical energy balls and pins him with he...

Hypnokink – RoboGirlsbyPrimal – Night School – Daisy Summers, Jasmine Wolff

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Jasmine, Daisy and Sharron are taking Psych 101 at night school classes to work on getting a degree. Professor Masters asks Jasmine to stay after class to discuss her paper. He is concerned about h...

Hypnokink – RoboGirlsbyPrimal – Daisy Summers – New Dental Assistant

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Daisy is interviewing to be an assistant and receptionist at a very respected Dentists office. He insists she get a check up as she will be representing his practice. The Doctor (as he likes to b...