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Darkside By Primal – Super Patriot – Oculus Sees Your Weakness – kleio valentien

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Super Patriot has figured out that Oculus is capturing and brainwashing the nations patriotic superheroines and using them for shadowy government black ops. She confronts Markus Watcher, the head of ...

Primal – Supergirl’s Destruction XXX

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Supergirl is after Lex Luther. She is looking for him in his luxury sweet above one of his clubs when she is confronted by Bane. Despite the villains vicious strength Supergirl easily takes him down,...

Wonder Woman Bound For Humiliation

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Wonder Woman is looking for an informant in a seedy low class strip club. She is taken from behind by a common burglar with a rag over her mouth. He had just planned on robbing the place, but he to...