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Robopimp – Emily Addison – Full Controlled in Vegas – Drooling

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Robopimp - Emily Addison - Full Controlled in Vegas - Drooling I'm not sure why, but I just wanted to see Emily Addison drool... well, in this clip I have her trained that anytime I start a sentence with the wo...

Robopimp – Emily Addison – Finale

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Robopimp - Emily Addison - Finale

Robopimp – Emily Addison – Falling Asleep

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Robopimp - Emily Addison - Falling Asleep Here, I keep making emily addison get goofier and goofier with each snap of my fingers, till eventually she is worn out and passes . Watch and enjoy as I play with he...

Robopimp – Emily Addison – Nanobots

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Robopimp - Emily Addison - Nanobots We now introduce the concept of a nanoBot to emily addison. We tell her that the ice she drank earlier was our method of delivering nanobots into her system. I tell her I'm...

Robopimp – Emily Addison – Orgasms

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Robopimp - Emily Addison - Orgasms Now we have emily addison back on the sofa, and I put her back into her training state, and instruct her that every time I say the word RED she has an intense complete orgas...

Robo-pimp – Emily Addison – Orgasm Faints

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In this clip, Emily Addison is trained to have an instant orgasm everytime I snap my fingers.. but the moment she climaxes she faints and . Enjoy watching her squirm, and get vocal and right as ...

Christina Carter and Emily Addison – Catwoman vs Batgirl : Mirror Minds

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Catwoman vs. Batgirl: Mirror Minds features Emily Addison and Christina Carter in a smoking hot super-heroine, hypno storyline that has Batgirl put under a trance from an evil voice inside her mirror. ...

[CC Productions] Cat’s Eye Diamond 2 – The Recruitment Drive

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A Superheroine Porn Parody The Recruitment Drive features four stunning beauties with Christina Carter as Catwoman, Emily Addison as Batgirl, Jaden Cole as Phoenix and Randy Moore as Firestar in a s...

[CC Productions] Cat’s Eye Diamond 1 – Christina Carter, Emily Addison

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Catwoman vs. Batgirl Parody Batgirls is determined to take in the villainess cat burglar Catwoman for stealing the mysterious Cat’s-eye Diamond, which is rumored to poses powers. Unbeknownst to ou...

CC Productions – The Corruption of Batgirl – Christina carter

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Catwoman lures Batgirl to her lair and captivates her with magic smoke from a cigarette. Under Catwoman's smoky spell Batgirl is soon changed from super-heroine to super sexy villain Catgirl and now se...