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Dr.Slashblight – Sterling 3

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Dr.Slashblight - Sterling 3 This video takes place some time later Sterling has no memory of the last session and Dr Slashblight hypnotizes her again

Dr.Slashblight – Sterling 2

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Dr.Slashblight - Sterling 2 Dr.Slashblight hypnotizes Sterling has her repeat mantras and then sit on his lap

Hypnolust – Alexis Grace & JC Simpson (Clip Five)

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  Hypnolust - Alexis Grace & JC Simpson (Clip Five) Final surrender Crawling, foot worship, yes master, begging, rolling eyes during entrancement as well as orgasms, breath controlled orgasm training...

Dixieland Fetish – Magic Show Entrancement Makes Gabi A Slave To Dixie’s Dirty Tricks

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Dixieland Fetish - Magic Show Entrancement Makes Gabi A Slave To Dixie's Dirty Tricks Dixie has been after Gabi for a while but Gabi has always kept her distance and told Dixie she's not into girls. This all ...

Dr Slashblight – Kitten

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In the video, Dr.Slashblight hypnotizes kitten and has her dance for him

Christina Carter and Emily Addison – Catwoman vs Batgirl : Mirror Minds

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Catwoman vs. Batgirl: Mirror Minds features Emily Addison and Christina Carter in a smoking hot super-heroine, hypno storyline that has Batgirl put under a trance from an evil voice inside her mirror. ...

Kismetvideo – Katja, Jeslen – Solo & Duet

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In the first part, (Solo) Katja uses her eyes and her lips to guide you into a fun trance and then has you preform a few, fun hypnotic stunts. Nothing radical here, just fun, relaxing hypnosis. Then, i...

Femdom Erotic Hypnosis – Insatiable Desires

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This one features a female hypno-therapist who helps her patients get to bottom of their sexual issues and fantasies. There is no real domination in this video but there is lots of simulated sex and nu...

Kismet Video – Thank you Goddess

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This is another Kismet video production staring Jessika.Dorian & Ambere.Sweet. Jessika takes control of her friend who puts up some resistance at first but is overcome in the end. Jessika keeps dro...

The Velvet Dungeon – Slave Program Activated – Jada Entrancement 5

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Jada is back to be mesmerized again and I'm ready to start working on her slave programming. I first test the programming I gave her last session by using her slave trigger, "royal flush". She bl...