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ErotikContax – Steve Steele – Who’s the Boss (Lesbians mind controlled to fuck)

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In this scene cherry kiss roleplays haveing her mind erased and her eyes turned white by a screen saver surreptitiously installed on her computer, she is then compelled to masterbate for the povs p...

ErotikContax – Master Chef – Lydia Lust, Nomi Malone

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Steve is directing a new mainstream cooking show for cable, and he has his eyes on the pretty co-hostesses. But they are not in the least bit interested. In fact, they think he is creepy. But Steve...

erotikcontax – Temporary’s Memory Loss – Anina Silk and Steve Steele

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Steve's cute, new temp is really a corporate spy, working for his arch-rival Jenkins. When he busts her going through his secret files, he is forced to subject her to his memory eraser in his "eras...